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Why you need to know about our social good mission and how it can help you.

We believe that real action is true advocacy

We do what we do because giving back to the community is how we started. We are on a mission to change the way we give, serve and share socially about local good causes. 

We do this through enabling our local good cause partners to post content for free, allow people to be quickly connected and involved faster. Because only the best local good causes are selected. We do the research so our community members do not have to.

When you partner with LocalTown you are making a statement about your business and helping out the community. Giving back is important to us and our partners.

We created LocalTown to drive more action of volunteers to local good causes. Our mission is to help these organizations grow at no cost. They need more volunteers, materials, donations, and attention. 

We believe giving back to our community and starting with taking care of our own is the essence of the LocalTown way.  Go with  us, to make the world a better place,  starting with our local town. Partner with us today.

LocalTown makes it easy to build your business  — have zero marketing experience and invest your capital back into your business, not a monthly ad plan.

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